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Frequently Asked Questions

Nick's Tamales

Do you take credit cards?
We take credit cards, cash, Apple Pay and CashApp.

When did you start?

We opened our food truck in May 2018.

See our story here.

How do I find your truck?
Our calendar and locations are on our website here. Please follow us on social media for any last minute updates or give us a call or text at 405-938-9423 if you have any questions.

Do you have a menu?
See our food truck menu here.

Can I book your truck for my event?
Just fill out the form on "Book the Truck" page and we will be in contact to talk about your needs.

Can I order a dozen?
Yes!   You can preorder a dozen on our preorder page in traditional size.

Can I microwave the tamales?
If you prefer to heat one tamale at a time, wrap refrigerated tamale in damp paper towel and heat in 30 second intervals until heated through.  Microwave times vary.  Do not overcook.   

Can I resteam the tamales?
Yes!  A steam pot is a great way to get a moist tamale.   Heat water to a boil, remove tamales from bag, stand upright in the steam pot (do not let tamales sit in water) then turn down to low heat. Make sure you see steam!

Heating times in steam pot:

From refrigerator:
Traditional size tamales steam covered for 25 minutes.
Jumbo size tamales steam covered for 30 minutes.

From Frozen:
Traditional size tamales steam covered for 35 minutes.
Jumbo size tamales steam covered for 40 minutes

Can I walk up to the truck and order a dozen?
Yes!   Jumbo tamales are available from the truck while supplies last.   If you order a dozen from the truck they will be hot and ready.  Traditional size tamales will need to be preordered and are steamed and frozen.

What comes with a dozen tamales?
A side of homemade salsa comes with all of our tamales!   Additional topping are available at the truck or cafe for purchase.

Are your tamales gluten free?
Our masa flour is gluten free.  We do not add any gluten but some ingredients may have been processed in a processing plant with gluten.

Do you make all your tamales?
Yes!  We make all our tamales from scratch.  From our family to yours.

How big are your tamales?
We make them just like Uncle Nick did!  Jumbo, at half a pound each!

We also make traditional size tamales and are available by preorder.

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